April 18, 2009

Robed Creature of Cedar Lake Spotting!

I must admit that I was reluctant to post this sighting but fellow artist Marc Gagnon encouraged me. Last fall our Algonquin group painting trip was filled with great inspiration but also frightening experiences with ghost apparitions and other unusual sightings. At first we thought that it was a local Sasquatch sighting…

On closer inspection some of our painters thought the creature to be rare FRENCH BALD BEAVER.

We were lucky enough to get a closer look and realized the this vision was that of the "Robed Creature of Cedar Lake"

Marc, thank you for permission to release this burden form my camera!

April 16, 2009

Big Still Life

The big still life "Balancing Act" is 60 x 60 - acrylic/mixed media on canvas. The process of layering different media is similar on paper as on canvas. My pallet is also very similar to the watercolours, some colours are different when you jump from water colour to acrylic.

The painting is currently at the White Rock Gallery in White Rock British info@whiterockgallery.com (604) 538-4452


Thank you for your note about my book. I am glad that you are finding the information useful and hope that you share some of your new paintings with me!
Best, Jean

Cape Breton


Thank you for your comments on Cape Breton. I am looking forward to the symposium for several reasons but the location is something special!
I have only seen photos of this location and it looks spectacular.