October 12, 2007

Book Release - November 2007

Expressive Portraits:
Creative Methods for Painting People

by Jean Pederson

A North Light Publication

Order at your local book store or online at:


  1. Jean I love your work and your new book “Expressive Portraits...”. It is wonderful. The cover painting had me wondering if it was a pastel. Reading it cover to cover. I don’t work in watercolors, just play around in it. I am working on a little black girl wearing hot pink sunglasses that I took a photo of while on vacation. I think I will try her in watercolors and see what happens. I usually work in pastels.

    I tried to see more of your work on the web page but wasn’t able to move about in the site. Don’t know if it is my computer or your site...just letting you know.

    Best wishes for continued success...

    pastel artist...
    The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance". Alan W. Watts

  2. Hello Jean,
    I read an article about you and your beautiful expressive watercolor portraits in one of my watercolor magazines. As a watercolorist, I was captivated by your stunning artistry and hopeful that I can also paint portraits of a similar expressive style. I feel the pull to paint portraits of children and these portraits would have to be expressive to capture the nature or essence of kids. They are naturally expressive.
    I hope to purchase you book on expressive portraits. I greatly admire your work, which inspires me to "go for it" and paint the portaits I have running thru my artistic and imaginative mind.

    Yvonne Ward, Artist

  3. Hello Jean!

    I just wanted to put my two cents in regarding your new book, Expressive Portraits, and thank you from my heart. I have many books in my art library but none that has spoken to me like yours. I feel as though you are right beside me, encouraging and instructing, and cheering me on! I have read it over the last two weeks from cover to cover and I have learned so much about materials, techniques, style, and most of all the feeling and emotion that lies within each painting. I am starting on your demos and my excitement and enthusiasm are high. Thank you for taking me from A to Z in such a logical and easy to understand format.

    May your art and creativity continue to bless and enrich your life.

    Warmest regards,

    Carla Flood