February 01, 2008

Art Bits

The Artist Magazine has an article devoted to artist's web sites in this months issue; this site is one of those being featured! I hope that everyone is enjoying the artwork and the layout of the web site.

Carla, I want to thank you for your kind words on the 21st of January I very much appreciate your feedback on "Expressive Portraits"!

I have three book signings coming up; please come out if you are located in the Calgary or Red Deer area. Keep checking the site for updates on upcoming book signings, workshops and special events.

Yesterday I started a 60" x 60" painting of a still life. I can't wait to see how my brush finishes off the image, it is an exciting time.



  1. Congratulations!! It's an incredible painting, and well deserving of such an award!

  2. Hi Jean! I just want to thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge on your book. It's been the most valuable knowledge I've got. I really love using the transparent colors you suggested. It solves a lot of my previous problems with I used to use opagues as well as earth colors for glazing. You're the best and kindest!