October 21, 2008

Algonquin Park

What a trip!
Eight artists met at a cabin in the northern part of Algonquin park to paint for a week. I arrived a few days late with fellow artist Laura Culic as we both had conflicting teaching commitments.
The landscape was sensational. We painted long days and then enjoyed great meals and laughter every night before retiring to sleeping bags on bunk beds.
It will be exciting to see what comes from everyone over the next year as a result of this incredible painting trip.

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  1. Has the DVD that you were filming in Feb.2008 been released by Catalyst yet? If so, where is it on their site? I'd like to purchase it!

    If you're ever thinking of coming to the East Coast (USA) to do a workshop or would like to do it in a wonderful retreat place, contact me. I'd love to take your class, and I think I know a great spot, too!