February 03, 2009

White Rock Gallery

"Balancing Act" arrived at the White Rock Gallery last week. The gallery sent this great photo of the 60"X60" painting to show how great it is looking at the West Coast!

These balance paintings are self portraits of myself as they relate to my life. I am balancing so many things Artist, Mom, wife, daughter, friend, volunteer, writer and so on...

The paintings show myself holding things together with fragile grace; one gentle breeze could upset the apple cart!

Hope you like the painting and if you are interested in purchasing it you can go to www.whiterockgallery.com

Thanks for the photo Dennie!


  1. Jean, what a lovely, large, and yet beautifully fragile piece. Thanks for sharing this one. Where can I see it?

  2. Jean, this painting is beautiful! did you paint this in acrylic using the same color pallette you use for watercolor? Do you glaze with acrylic the way you do with watercolor? Do you use any medium?