November 26, 2007

Emily Carr

Thank you to M. Ray for the comment about a life long love of portraits. I hope that you enjoy Expressive Portraits, it should be arriving soon!

Today I went with a fellow artist and friend to the Emily Carr exhibition at the Glenbow museum. The energy of her brush strokes and movement were so strong in many of her paintings. She truly took the West Coast Canadian landscape and told the story in her own visual language! I sat there wondering how she must have felt when she was interpreting the forested landscape.

If you are interested in this exhibition you can go to for more information.


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  1. Hi Jean,

    Well, I just finished reading the diaries of Em'ly C, "Hundreds and Thousands". It reveals, in her own words JUST what she was feeling as she inturpreted the Coast. Highly recommended! Especially for artists.

    Love your site,